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Hey Boots - I had new shocks put on my 96 Taurus about 4 months ago. Since then there is a noticable vibration/sensation coming from the car. It almost feels like what a racer would describe as "flat spotted". The wheels roll smooth for 3/4 of a revolution, and then there is a noticable "thud". The tires aren't bad, and I can't figure out if it's a bad bearing, or a wheel weight, but when you get her up to 65-70, she shakes like crazy! Any thoughts? -Joel, Grove City
Being a 96, it probably has a ton of miles on it. Once these cars get a lot of miles on them, they become huge brain damage. Two things 1. Trade it off 2. Go see Dave at Dart in Grove City 614-875-7117, tell him Boots sent you. He will check it out for free, and tell you exactly what is wrong with it. Sounds like ball joint could be bad. A bearing would make a bad clicking noise while turning. Have Dave rebalance the tires.
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